The first question asked is,"Where did the name come from?"
Odile, pronounced Oh-deal, was my grandmother's name and is my middle name. I was in fourth grade art class when I decided that if Picasso could use one name, so could I ! So, in the early 80's when I started designing and painting my own line of clothing, I named the business Odile.
All these years later, my clothing has gained a reputation for its lasting quality.
I test all the fabrics for shrinkage. My cotton jersey, french terry, fleece and specialty knits are made by a fabric mill in the U.S. and I use a local dye house as well. The final touches are, of course, by my hand. I live on Cape Cod and am inspired by the beauty all around me.
Loyal customers return year after year for comfortable, casual and unique tops and jackets. There is only one name on my label, Odile, and that name stands for quality.

Odile Design
28 Main Street
Dennis Port, MA 02639